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New in Jomres 10.3.

Horizontal search with autocomplete that can autocomplete country, region or town names. Shortcode "jomres search_widget &search_widget=horizontal_autocomplete_adults_children_button"

Jomres 10.3 is required because this version introduces new functionality called "Data sources" which the autocomplete functionality uses to compile a list of json data. There is a new element which is available to all (Bootstrap 5 only) search widget template files that looks like {AUTOCOMPLETE}. In the search field try typing "Un" and United Kingdom will appear to autopopulate the input box.

Data Sources are automatically maintained by Jomres. Whenever a property is added, updated or removed the sources are automatically updated.

Because Data Sources are in the core of Jomres, you know you can rely on the data to always be available, therefore if you have functionality that requires a json list of countries, regions or towns you can access the source files without needing to hit the server and affect performance.